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7 of the Best Leadership Books
By Josh Hirsch on January 20, 2022

Becoming an effective leader is a lifelong process, one that should involve reading the right leadership books. Here’s what you need to know about some of the most impactful options.

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How to Help Your Sales Team Overcome Rejection
By Josh Hirsch on January 18, 2022

Rejection is a part of business, especially sales. Your sales team's ability to bounce back from rejection will inevitably lead to them producing more. Here's how to help them learn to...

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Why Physical and Mental Health for Entrepreneurs Matters
By Josh Hirsch on January 13, 2022

What’s good for your health is also good for your career success. Here’s why entrepreneurs need to keep their mental and emotional wellness in mind. 

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How a Growth Mindset Can Help You Grow Your Business
By Josh Hirsch on January 11, 2022

Having a growth mindset can help you flourish in virtually all aspects of your life, including business. Here's how you can leverage a growth mindset to achieve your goals and drive...

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3 Reasons to Make Sales Enablement Part of Your Post-Pandemic Growth Strategy
By Josh Hirsch on January 5, 2022

Your post-pandemic growth strategy needs sales enablement strategies so your sales team has the tools to thrive. Here’s what you need to know, plus three areas that should be included.

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Why You Should Have Separate Sales and Customer Support Teams
By Josh Hirsch on December 29, 2021

The more sales your salespeople make, the more money your company makes. Thus, the better you can manage their time to ensure they do more selling, the better your bottom line.

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How Founder Selling Is Killing Your Business
By Josh Hirsch on October 6, 2021

You’ll never be able to focus on the big picture if you’re stuck on the small details

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Virtual Selling 101: The Psychology of a Remote Salesperson
By Josh Hirsch on August 4, 2021

Understanding how your team is thinking can help you manage them better

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8 Tips to Be a Great Communicator and Leader
By Josh Hirsch on August 2, 2021

Communication is the core of effective business leadership. Here are 8 ways to get better at it. 

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Training Is the Backbone of a High-Performing Sales Team
By Josh Hirsch on July 30, 2021

Bring the science of sales to training your team with MetaGrowth

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