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How to Help Your Sales Team Improve Customer Relationships

Written by Joe Arioto Posted on January 25, 2022 In
A flow chart showing the many ways that a sales team can improve customer relationships.

Business is defined by relationships, and managing customer relationships is key to getting more sales. Here's how to build better customer relationships.



Businesses exist to serve people and solve problems, and relationships are created in the process. A customer’s experience with a company can mean the difference between becoming loyal customers and running to spend their money with a competitor. A 2019 Salesforce report even found that 84% of customers say their experience is just as important as the products or services a company provides. That means working to improve customer relationships is a must.

Having good connections with customers is key to providing them the best experiences and to creating loyal customers. That loyalty impacts a company’s revenue, and managing this relationship is important for scale. Loyal customers are 15 times more likely to spend with your business than intermittent customers, for example.

Let’s talk about some ways your sales team can improve customer relationships for your company. 

Always show appreciation

Jay Z opened one of his chart-topping tracks with the lines, “Thanks for coming out tonight. You could've been anywhere in the world. But you're here with me. I appreciate that.” 

Your customers could be spending their money with pretty much anyone in the world – quite literally – but they’re spending it with you. Make sure customer appreciation is ingrained in your company culture, and that your sales team knows this is important to its core values. 

Here are some ways to give back to your customers: 

  • Offer value-packed lead magnets in exchange for email list sign-ups
  • Send out promo items and care packages with goods you’re currently promoting
  • Send lunch or food baskets to top clients you can’t meet for typical lunches or dinners
  • Send gift baskets with an “at-home movie night” – a movie, popcorn, snacks, hot cocoa bombs, and branded company items like a mug and blanket 
  • Offer tickets to seminars, courses, digital certifications, or services – especially if you’re a service- or digital subscription-based business 

You don’t have to be over the top with your customer appreciation, though. Sometimes a simple phone call, handwritten thank you note with their order, or a promo code for a discount on their next purchase is the best way to show your gratitude and keep them coming back.

Use video technology

Experts have identified video technology as a key component in the quest to improve customer relationships during the sales process. It is powerful because: 

  • Humans are wired for connection. Video is more intimate than phone communication, and allows customers to make a personal, near-face-to-face connection with their sales reps.
  • It builds trust and understanding. Video allows sales reps and customers to build better rapport with each other, which, in turn, helps them establish more trust. They’re also able to use body language, such as facial expressions, that wouldn’t be available during a phone call.
  • It caters to what humans want. Studies show that attention spans aren’t shrinking but evolving. Companies must now create video content with engaging narratives as well as attention-grabbing visuals.
  • Everyone learns differently. Some people are visual learners, some auditory, and some are kinesthetic learners. Video content usually appeals to both visual and auditory learners.
  • It has better reach. Good video content has a great shareability factor. Engaged customers will want to share it with their families, friends, coworkers, and networks.

Video was one of the most successful content verticals across all social platforms in 2021, according to HubSpot. An important takeaway here is that video messaging is powerful, whether it's used as two-way communication between your sales team and clients or for your marketing materials. 

Become your customers’ go-to expert

The internet is great because it puts the whole world and virtually all of human knowledge at your fingertips in seconds. Your customers could go anywhere to get information, though, so you need to find a way to bring them to you and become indispensable. 

Your company and sales team should be positioned as industry experts and leaders. Have educational platforms available and build a strong social media presence online. Staff responsive sales and customer service teams who can address customer concerns and objections. 

Get expert help building a superstar sales team

To be the go-to team and improve customer relationships, you need to have the right salespeople in place to serve and sell. That’s where MetaGrowth Ventures makes an impact.

We help you get hiring right the first time, supporting you in building a high-performing team through our rigorous five-step hiring process. Our experts turn out top-quality sales teams by prioritizing training using the latest sales psychology and your company’s playbook as the foundation. They track your sales team’s progress, too, meaning your sales reps will always be working to exceed expectations. 

The MetaGrowth Ventures team can help you scale your business with a team of top-producing sales professionals who do your selling for you. If you’re ready to ditch the daily grind of founder selling, contact us today

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