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How to Share Your Vision with Your Employees

Written by Joe Arioto Posted on May 10, 2023 In
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As a founder and leader, you know what you want your company to do and where you want it to go. But have you clued your employees in yet?

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As a leader, do you find yourself constantly having trouble getting your employees on the same page as you? The problem might not be them. It might be your vision. Or rather, your failure to communicate that vision.

Your vision for the company tells your employees why they’re working and where they’re going. It shows them what success looks like and how they can get there. Helping employees to understand and buy into your vision is the key to getting everyone working together for that common goal. Here’s how. 

1. Share the vision with your leaders

One-on-one meetings with your team leaders can be an effective way of communicating your vision. You don’t even need a perfectly formed vision to start with. Instead, seek your leadership’s input to develop one. When you make them feel like they have a stake in the company’s direction, you give them an intrinsic motivation to participate. And they, in turn, will transfer this drive to their team members.

Also make it a point to share the details of the vision and not just the big picture alone. Sharing the big picture is inspiring and exciting, but getting down to the nitty-gritty shows each employee how their efforts contribute toward achieving the company’s objectives. 

In addition, ask your leaders about their opinions regarding the vision and how they can work to make it a reality. Listen to their responses and incorporate them into your vision. Once you have your leaders on the same page, it’s that much easier to get the rest of the company to follow. 

2. Make it relatable

When talking about the vision, keep it short and sweet. If you speak for too long, your employees may not follow, and they won’t get on board if they can’t understand what you’re talking about. Your goal should be to communicate effectively and make them understand how the company’s vision directly relates to them. Help them see that they’re part of something bigger. 

As your organization grows, share the growth results with your employees. Let them see the customer feedback so they’ll know how their contributions are making a difference. This will motivate them to keep working toward your vision. 

3. Document the vision

Once you determine a clear vision of where your organization is going, it’s time to put pen to paper and formalize it. Documenting your vision provides a guide that will help your employees with their work. In addition, it allows them to understand the role they play in the organization and its overall success. 

4. Reward employees who get it

You can reiterate your vision by recognizing staff members who accomplish goals that align with the company’s direction. This acknowledgment can range from a mention in the company newsletter to a gift card to a premium parking spot – anything that shows you value the employee’s contribution to your vision. 

When acknowledging accomplishments, give praise for successes., but also recognize hard work when deals fall through. By highlighting someone’s strengths in adverse situations, you help them see what they did well and how they can improve in the future.

Overall, rewards programs will help motivate employees to work toward achieving your vision. They’re fun, of course, but they also inspire everyone on the team to give their best.

5. Emphasize the vision as often as possible

Your vision statement needs to be the focal point of everything you do. Emphasizing the vision as often as possible reminds your employees of its impact on the company’s success. Highlight the vision at every all-staff meeting and one-on-one discussion you have. Don’t make your meetings a progress update. Instead, make communicating the vision the focus. 

Then, teach your employees how to put the vision statement into action. For example, you can set a weekly goal for the staff to exhibit a core value that contributes to the realization of the vision, and you can measure business growth from there. Entreat your employees to use terms like “we” and “together” when dealing with customers. Remind them of how customers impact the success of the business. 

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