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Our 2021 Blogs – Actionable Tips and Tricks to Help You Become a Better Leader, Improve Your Sales Team, and Grow Your Business

Written by Joe Arioto Posted on February 7, 2022 In Category1

At MetaGrowth Ventures, we pride ourselves on being trusted experts who founders can rely on as their best friends as they scale their businesses with world-class sales teams. Whether you’re trying to become a more effective leader, working to grow your company, or planning to build a top-notch sales team to power that growth, we’ve published articles to help you through the entire process.

Here’s a recap of everything we put together for you in 2021 so you can hit the ground running in 2022.

Founder/Leader Considerations to Guide You Through the Pandemic and Beyond

Your company’s success is tightly linked to your capacity as a leader, which means leadership is one of the most critical skills founders need for business success. Fortunately, leadership can be learned. 

There are many sides to great leadership. It includes how you communicate with your employees and customers, sustainably scale your company, hire and train the right employees, manage work-related stress, and enable critical departments – like the sales team – while they’re in the field. It also requires you to establish and maintain a winning company culture.

We’ve dedicated a lot of time and effort toward making sure you have the best information on this subject. Here are a few gems we published on the leadership this past year:

How to Create Scalable Growth in the New Normal

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2021 was as challenging for businesses as the year before. Several companies were lucky to survive, let alone scale. 

Companies have had to deal with changing customer preferences and behavior, for one. Adopting and managing remote or hybrid work models were also among the challenges faced. Employee burnout has been at an all-time high due to pressures in the new normal, and nearly every business has grappled with how to maintain productivity – especially while employees are away from the office.

If you’re looking for a roadmap toward sustainably scaling your business, we published lots of articles you would find useful:

Sales Team-Building Psychology to Help You Assemble World-Class Producers

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Assembling and training a world-class sales team is easier said than done. We published content last year that covers several aspects of the sales team building process, including how to build a resilient team, how to scale your sales team when it’s necessary, leveraging virtual activities to bond your remote sales team, and how much to pay your sales team.

We cut away the fluff to share only actionable advice you can start using to build and scale your sales team today. Enjoy!

But Wait, There’s More 

We absolutely love delivering above and beyond what was promised. Here are even more items to chew on concerning topics like technology and working with MetaGrowth Ventures to build the sales team your business deserves – and needs for phenomenal growth:

Expect Even More Great Content This Year

Learning never stops and businesses never cease to be challenged. We promise to keep sharing more binge-worthy content this year to help you quickly and reliably build and scale your business.

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